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Where do all these cards come from?

All the cards listed on this site come from my personal collection.  I have gathered cards in a number of ways from buying packs at stores, trading, buying lots at garage sales and Craigslist - you name it.  I've been collecting for a long time, since 1977.  I'm not a "store", just a private collector.  Sometimes I put cards up for sale using eBay, but their fees are getting to the point where it's not worth selling through them.

How do you come up with the price for the card?

I use various sources to determine a fair sale price of a card.  Beckett Price Guides, eBay, and other sites.  The market for cards and players is always fluctuating so it can be a challenge sometimes to keep up with it all.

Why don't all the cards have pictures and how are you getting them?

While I try to get a picture of each card, there's simply too many for me to get them all.  Most of them I am scanning.  If the card has a serial number I want to try my best to show where the serial number is located.  Some cards I literally take a picture of.  And some, depending on the card, I may find a stock picture of the card.  I'm not a professional photographer or scanner, so they may not be perfect.  But if you ever would like to have some different pictures of a card you are interested in, please let me know by using the Contact Form.

Will you consider an offer?

Maybe.  It never hurts asking.  Use the Contact Form on this site if you want to make an offer.  But please, be realistic.  Offering me a few bucks for a card valued over $20 isn't worth it for me.  I still have to pay the cost of the mailing/shipping material along with any fees for the sale to PayPal.  

Will you consider a trade?

Possibly.  Again, use the Contact Form on this site to propose any kind of trade.  Here's a partial list of players I collect:

  • Johnny Bench
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Tom Brady
  • Peyton Manning
  • Michael Jordan
  • Lebron James
  • Mike Trout
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Steve Yzerman
  • Earl Campbell
  • Joe Montana
  • Marcus Mariota